Axon SmarthealthTM enables the delivery of primary healthcare to any remote location with internet connectivity. Combined with connected devices, intelligent business processes, remote doctor presence and integrated patient record management, Axon SmarthealthTM helps the healthcare services provider deliver quality healthcare at a reasonable cost, thus making it a very viable alternative to in-person consults.

Leveraging the power of cloud computing, Axon SmarthealthTM can enable the healthcare services provider deliver primary healthcare services delivery to the urban, semi-urban and rural population in any Country



Axon SmarthealthTM is built to help healthcare service providers overcome the challenges of primary healthcare access in remote areas and in other areas/situations (can be added) where primary healthcare clinics and trained physicians are not easily accessible.


Axon SmarthealthTM enables smart consults for multiple care models by helping the healthcare service provider bring the point of care closer to people. It also helps mitigate the issues of commute and wait time and bring tremendous efficiency to the whole healthcare delivery.


Axon SmarthealthTM goes beyond a conventional Telemedicine model by enabling the healthcare service provider to provide comprehensive primary healthcare equipped with integrated FDA/CE approved connected devices, protocols and integration ready Electronic Medical records and Patient health system.

SmarthealthTM Pillars


Real time examination
and diagnostics to improve
clinical effectiveness

Enhanced patient
and doctor experience

and sustainability

Smart model
with the requisite
human touch

Axon SmarthealthTM
for Covid 19