Home Care Model

Axon SmarthealthTM primary homecare model allows the Healthcare Service provider to deliver the primary healthcare at the convenience of the patient’s home. A trained smarthealth paramedic is equipped with the Axon SmarthealthTM kit consisting of an android tablet and digital medical devices. This kit is lightweight and easy to carry. A patient can book an appointment as per his convenience and the paramedic visits the patient at the scheduled time. The consult with the doctor is done with the privacy of the patient at his/her home.

This model can be implemented in a very short time by the Healthcare Service provider. It just involves Axon SmarthealthTM training to the medical team and the Axon SmarthealthTM kit. This model is ideal for primary home care and geriatric care.

Primary Homecare

Axon SmarthealthTM homecare model enables the healthcare service provider with the ease of having a comprehensive consult/smart consult at the convenience of your home or office at your preferred time. Imagine a scenario where you have to fix a prior appointment, travel to the clinic, wait for your turn to get the consult, and now, imagine all that is done by simply fixing an appointment (online/phone call) and getting the consult at your home. No travel, no waiting, no fear of secondary infection at the clinic! Home consult is also ideal for chronically ill patients, for those who want a follow-up examination, and for a periodical consultation/check-up.

Geriatric Care

Axon SmarthealthTM platform is a perfect fit for the geriatric care model. With the customised features of prescheduled visits, for vitals collection by paramedic and prescheduled regular consults by the doctor, this model enables the healthcare service provider with the consistent monitoring of the patient’s health and wellbeing. The periodic vital recordings enable a doctor to provide precise care. The vitals are available with the doctors in the forms of graphs too, that gives a clear picture of any change in the patient’s condition.