Kiosk Model

Axon SmarthealthTM kiosk model is a stationary primary health care delivery model where the patient visits the kiosk location of a healthcare service provider enabled by Axon SmarthealthTM to get a smart consult. The kiosk is manned by the healthcare providers’ trained paramedic where a patient can walk in and get a consult with the healthcare provider’s remote doctor. The kiosk is equipped with the connected digital medical devices that record the vitals and enable the doctor to have a clear input like heath beat, lung sounds, and enhanced derma view and ENT view. The kiosk can be set up with minimal efforts and does not require a massive investment. All you need to set up an Axon SmarthealthTM kiosk is a location with privacy, the Axon SmarthealthTM kit and the internet.

Rural Healthcare

The Smarthealth kiosk can be deployed by the healthcare service provider in a rural setup, in factories/offices/workplaces or in an urban setup. Smarthealth kiosk enables consults with doctors for primary health care, allowing doctor/s to be virtually present at multiple locations. This model enables setup of the Smarthealth kiosk which is manned by a paramedic. A patient walks to the nearest kiosk, and with the assistance of a paramedic gets a smart consult with the doctor. The doctor can instruct the paramedic to take various vitals or do physical examination while he is monitoring the paramedic over the video call.


Axon SmarthealthTM institutional model is best suited for large factories, industrial units, educational institutes, etc. The kiosk setup by the Healthcare service provider enabled by Axon SmarthealthTM takes care of all the primary healthcare needs of the employees in a corporate office unit, workers in a factory or pupils in the educational institute. Periodic health check-ups can also be done to keep the health records updated and maintain the health history in the form of the EMRs.

Covid-19 Screening

In the current situation COVID 19, doctors are putting themselves at risk every time they see a patient. Aptly called corona warriors, the doctors are in the frontline of this battle. With the help of connected devices, Axon SmarthealthTM solution acts as the first line of defence/shield for the doctors. The COVID situation has brought the primary health care services to a halt. Axon Smarthealth platform not only helps the healthcare service providers with the COVID screening and patient management but also enables the continuation of primary healthcare delivery to the patients.